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Establish Business structure

Starting a business in Pittsburgh is a good choice. Pennsylvania municipalities are small business-friendly and offer a skilled workforce with low labor costs. Accounting & Management Company help corporations, nonprofit foundations, LLCs, for-profits, and sole proprietorship set up and register their business entity legally. We’ll guide you through the process and help select the best business structure based on your characteristics, service options, products, and liability protection.


A nonprofit organization is supported by donations instead of selling products and services for profit. Typically, not-for-profit foundations are created to advance social causes and are exempt from paying taxes. Religious organizations and animal rescue shelters are examples of nonprofit organizations.

Sole Proprietor & Partnership

Sole proprietors and partnerships are common business models for Pittsburgh small business operators. It’s less expensive to set up and register but offers no financial protection and no tax benefits. Unfortunately, self-employed individuals are not eligible for unemployment compensation when their business is slow. On the upside, the owner or principal partners do not have to share business profits with employees but are solely responsible for taxes, debt, and personally liable if the business gets sued.

Fictitious Business Name Declaration

Self-employed individuals and partnerships may be required to file a fictitious business name or DBA to operate legally in Pennsylvania. DBA is an acronym for “doing business as”. A DBA, filed with the state department it’s not a business structure and does not offer any legal protection for your personal assets.


A limited liability company (LLC) offers the simplicity of a general partnership or sole proprietorship but also provides asset protection and additional tax benefits. As self-employed or partnerships get bigger it’s common to restructure into an (LLC) limited liability company.


Most of our small to midsize clients operate as corporations. Managing the business is a collective effort by shareholders. There are several formalities and regulations to govern the business properly, but corporations offer better tax benefits, more liability protection, and tend to be attractive for shareholders and investors.

Trust Accounting & Management Company to set up your business structure and register your PA business. We can set up your business taxes, file the necessary legal documents to obtain your employer identification number (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service to identify your business.

Each business model has its own federal, state, and local requirements that are specific to its structure. Warning, if you set up, structure, and register your business entity incorrectly without a professional business consultant you will be held personally responsible for all debts, fines, liabilities, penalties, and legal corrections.

Business Banking Set up

Incorporate business accounts

Source Business Banking & Merchant Services

Accounting & Management Company can set up dedicated business banking and merchant service accounts to protect your business and separate your personal assets. In business law, separate business accounts prevent piercing your corporate veil. Usually, this is a key indicator of fraudulent behavior.

Integrating your business banking accounts with QuickBooks helps track the performance of your business, simplifies accounting, and makes tax preparation easier. QuickBooks accounting and bookkeeping software can connect and download your banking and merchant transactions.

No matter what type of business structure you operate, contact AMC to learn how we can help manage your business, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll processing to save your time and money.

Obtain Permits & Licenses

Depending on your niche you may need to file for and obtain business permits or license to comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Accounting & Management Company can source and file for the proper license your business needs to operate.

Benefit planning

Business employee resources

Employee benefit accounts

Entrepreneurs need support and a strong workforce to be successful. Employers must abide by the state of Pennsylvania’s hiring regulations and equal opportunity laws to be compliant with the internal revenue service for employment, taxes, and reporting new employees to the state.

Recruiting and hiring employees for your small business is a big deal. Adding talented employees is a good opportunity for growth, but unfortunately, the hiring process can be time-consuming and legally complicated.

Accounting & Management Company can shorten your hiring process from start to finish. From identifying job descriptions, interviewing, to setting up payroll, our industry-specific knowledge will enable you to expand your team with confidence.

Employee Benefits Planning We Can Help With:

Running a successful business is not just about finding good employees, it’s about keeping the right people, and keeping them engaged.

Accounting & Management Company provides consultation and third-party procurement of employee benefit packages to help our clients keep their employees long-term.

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