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Comprehensive Payroll Processing

If you own or operate a small business near Pittsburgh, with a handful of employees, you understand that payroll processing is complicated, tedious, and labor-intensive. We know that protecting your business and processing private payroll information by following federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations can be taxing. Accounting & Management Company takes extraordinary measures to safeguard and process your payroll.

Payroll Services Processing

Payroll processing has progressively become the most error-prone task faced by employers today. Our committed professionals ensure your business has the most effective application features to keep your payroll processing compliant.

Affordable outsourcing payroll

Outsource your payroll processing to Accounting & Management Company and get a team of devoted experts who works with you every step of the way. There is no reason to absorb the financial liabilities of managing an in-house Payroll employee or invest in payroll processing training.

As a small independent venture, it’s hard to control the business, manage your numbers and keep employees happy. Accounting & Management Company payroll services can set up the financial framework to record and process employee salaries, benefits, and government forms to keep your business pointed in the right direction.

Payroll Services Advantages

Save Time & Don't Get Fined

Business & Workers Payroll Services Outsourcing

Accounting & Management Company offers payroll solutions that fit your trade and labor needs. Pittsburgh is one region that requires a payroll processing company to have experience in many industries. From independent contractors, union workers, temporary help, freelancer, hourly and salary, to government and corporate contracts, your business indisputably requires specific payroll processing services to manage employees and keep your business compliant.

Payroll Employee Salary & Benefits

Fortunately, Accounting & Management Company payroll experts have experience handling payrolls for many local small businesses that employ a diversified workforce with different wage and shift rates. We use QuickBooks software to customize your payroll reports, job costing, prevailing wages, union, and new hire reporting. We consult and connect our clients with top compensation, health insurance, and 401(k) administration firms.

Setting up a QuickBooks payroll system

When you’re the boss, setting up and managing a payroll system can be a struggle if you are not comfortable with taxes and deductibles. You must determine gross earnings, withhold taxes, benefits, calculate net pay, and manage accounting records for each worker.

Setting up an efficient payroll system is critical to the profitability of your business. A loosely managed or complicated payment system can cost you a bundle. Processing paychecks or paying taxes late can cause stress, credit, and financial complications.

Payroll Services that fit your business

Accounting & Management Company can set up, automate, and manage your business payroll process. We can customize employee job descriptions, make hiring checklists, draft policies, and develop employee handbooks. Also, AMC can extract performance reports so you can see different ways to improve performance and help make your employees more efficient.

Our QuickBooks payroll processing team can help you with the basics or all the ins and outs of hiring and firing and everything in between.

Payroll Outsourcing Is More Affordable Than You Think.

By and large, entrepreneurs lose over twelve hours of unbillable time every two weeks on payroll-related chores. While it may not appear to be a great deal of time, it adds up quickly. Miscalculation and reporting errors can be overwhelming and expensive for small business owners to fix. Don’t overpay unqualified personnel and carry the financial burden of payroll processing.

Accounting & Management Company is the right choice for your business payroll processing. Let’s talk about helping you save more.

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