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Accounting & Management Company offers personalized business development & administration, financial management, & consultant services for non-profits, for-profits, partnerships, startups, sole proprietors, & self-employed small business entrepreneurs

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Identify, Scrutinize, Clarify & Create The Best Action Plan For Your Business


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Report, Review, Measure & Capitalize On Business Opportunities With Accurate Intel

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Looking For Small Business Bookkeeping & Accounting Help Near Pittsburgh, PA? Accounting & Management Company is here to answer your questions and is ready to handle your accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing, and financial management needs. We offer flexible support options including day-to-day and outsource bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and business consulting services to help your businesses get to the next level.

Nonprofits Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations, ranging from professional and trade associations to religious and charitable organizations 501(c) and foundations demand a strong knowledge of nonprofit reporting. Accounting & Management Company understands how to work through and around the intricacies and specialized operational regulations that restrict these groups. We have been assisting non-profit organizations with bookkeeping, transactional recordings, and projecting outcomes of programs and services for decades. We are considered the go-to nonprofit bookkeeping and accounting firm for Pittsburgh nonprofits because we love helping you help others.

Professional Partnerships

Accounting & Management Company, a Pittsburgh accounting, and bookkeeping firm understand the issues facing partnerships and small business owners. We have a successful history of helping local businesses address complicated accounting and bookkeeping issues. Business and financial management matters and cash flow concerns can be challenging for business owners to calculate. We design and set up intricate accounting systems that are easy to navigate and simple to extract financial data from for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Sole Proprietor (self-employed)

Running a business by yourself is tough. You’re working hard to make a living every day. It’s next to impossible to make important decisions moving forward without a good feel of where you are at financially. These decisions can carry high risk and may result in penalties and fees if you guess wrong. Accounting & Management Company helps self-employed people just like you. We can structure your business, set up online banking, manage your books and accounting services, so you can make smart business decisions. We do the number crunching so you can focus on your business.

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  • Contractors
  • distribution
  • Education
  • electricians
  • Entertainment
  • healthcare
  • hospitality
  • landscape
  • Manufacturing
  • retail businesses
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  • financial advisors
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  • legal
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  • Education
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  • foundations
  • Government & public contracts
  • municipalities
  • nonprofit organizations

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Managing your day-to-day accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, financial records, and reporting can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Keeping up with technology and training employees can be costly. Our end-to-end, client-centric approach offers scalable services, profitable advice, and flexible support solutions to help your small business.

Want to start a new business?

We’ll establish and file the correct business entity, build your structure, create policies and procedures, and set up banking to get your idea off the ground.

Need support?

As a senior-level QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we got you covered. Accounting & Management Company can evaluate, design, and install the right accounting system and QuickBooks software for business needs. We’re here when you need us. Your back-office staff can rely on our user-friendly training and ongoing support.

Flexible support Options

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Accounting & Management Company offers flexible support options to suit your needs & fit your budget

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Comprehensive services

What can we do for you?

You started your business because you love what you do, we understand that passion and work to make sure we help you stay focused on being the best in business. We provide accounting, bookkeeping, business setup, and financial management, payroll processing, cash flow, sales tax prep, business, and financial management services on an as-needed or day-to-day basis with as much or as little involvement as necessary.


Increase profitability, cash flow, track & manage your business goals


Organize, record, track, report & manage your business books


Let us take care of the workers who take care of your business


Accounting system design, software conversion, implementation, training, & consultation

Business Mgt

Business management, formation, setup, control, procedures & policies, business & financial management consulting


Trustworthy one-on-one advice to help you make better business decisions throughout the year, instead of at year-end

It's not one thing; It's every thing

Manage Assets, Projects, Finances, Revenue, Tax Liaison, Regulations, & Plan For Growth


Recognized As Best Accounting & bookkeeping Experts in Pittsburgh

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We are committed to your business and want to hear your story to understand your needs and wants. We’ll align our services with your exact needs and work together to achieve your business goals.