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Pittsburgh’s QuickBooks ProAdvisor Heather Nicklow has the experience, credentials, and resources to help your local Business thrive.

Nearly half a million startups were created in January 2021 according to the Census Bureau. This is a record jump in the number of businesses that were started between 2010 and 2019. While nearly everyone has a great business idea and the motivation to start a company, not everyone has the accounting skills to keep a fledgling business afloat.

If your business doesn’t have access to someone who has accounting know-how, it will not reach its full potential. You’ll risk running out of money at the most inopportune times due to cash flow problems. Can’t pay your taxes on time? You’ll pay the government more money in penalties.

All of these setbacks add up to big trouble for a new small business that operates among global competitors. Don’t ignore the data. Startups and re-organizing a business for growth have a 50% failure rate within the first 5 years. Reduce your risk with one call to Accounting and Management Company (AMC). AMC is Pittsburgh’s preferred QuickBooks ProAdvisor, and we only succeed when you do.

Top 12 reasons that your business needs a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

#1 Pittsburgh's Best QuickBooks ProAdvisor Is Proficient With the Most Powerful Accounting Software

When it comes to accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), few applications can rival QuickBooks. QuickBooks is the recognized leader in its industry and has a proven track record of setting small businesses and organizations on the path to success.

What makes QuickBooks so popular? The software’s intuitive interfaces and rich set of features make it a sought-after tool for SMBs that operate across all industries. You may not fully understand all of QuickBooks’ features right out of the box, but a QuickBooks ProAdvisor will. While it may take you and your team several months to figure out what features you need, how to configure the software and its proper usage for your organization, your ProAdvisor will set up your books with little to no downtime.

#2 In-Depth Evaluation of Your Company Needs

QuickBooks ProAdvisors have accounting expertise and deep knowledge of all versions of QuickBooks software. These are two of the things that you will need to make your organization run smoothly. A ProAdvisor will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s financial status in light of your future goals. You’ll learn from the experts how to structure your books within QuickBooks to maintain an edge over the competition.

Accounting & Management Company offers a comprehensive range of QuickBooks ProAdvisor and consulting services to help your business. 

#3 Software Recommendations for Optimal Outcomes

Business owners choose QuickBooks because they know that the software is designed to accommodate growth. However, many entrepreneurs worry that once their businesses cross the threshold from medium to large that QuickBooks won’t be able to support them any longer. As a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we can affirm that QuickBooks has staying power. It’s often a matter of upgrading the software and selecting the appropriate settings. When you choose to hire a ProAdvisor such as AMC of Pittsburgh, you get expert advice about the software so that you can optimize your company’s finances for maximum growth.

#4 Custom Configuration Integration & Development to Suit Your Needs

Did you know that QuickBooks integrates with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify? You chose a platform like Shopify for your online store because of its ease of use and maintenance. Well, it’s even easier to run your business with a Shopify store because of QuickBooks’ integrations. With a ProAdvisor, you’ll learn how to share Shopify data regarding your inventory orders and sales with QuickBooks for seamless, more accurate tracking.

#5 Automation of Tasks & Communications

Besides the ability to capture data from Shopify and payment aggregators such as PayPal and Square, QuickBooks is also capable of syncing with your accounts on those platforms automatically. Your ProAdvisor will show you how to automate tasks such as generating invoices or sales receipts based on data from multiple sources. It’s about the closest thing that you’ll get to automatic accounting.

#6 Strict Security Measures

Hacking is a real problem for financial institutions. QuickBooks integrates seamlessly with your online bank accounts and payment processors, so it takes security protocols seriously. However, it’s best to get expert help from a ProAdvisor to make sure that you’re using all of QuickBooks’ security features correctly. A ProAdvisor can help you to set up account permissions so that the right people get access to the appropriate data sets.

#7 Business Intelligence & Reporting

The difference between a struggling company and a thriving one is often the way that each one chooses to use its data. When you use QuickBooks to track expenses and income, you inevitably capture a lot of valuable data about your company. A ProAdvisor can help you to tap into that treasure trove of data that can improve your company’s bottom line. Your ProAdvisor knows that executives can ignore opportunities that aren’t properly presented to them. That’s why your ProAdvisor will help you to set up relevant reports that communicate clearly and succinctly to all stakeholders.

#8 Process Management

If you’re like most business professionals, you want to spend less time on back-office activities and more time interfacing with customers and solving their issues. With a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you can do just that. Your ProAdvisor will help you to discover all of the QuickBooks features that are needed to improve accounting workflows for you and your staff.

#9 Remote & Mobile Access

Telecommuting is here to stay, and QuickBooks demonstrates its ability to adapt to changing environments with QuickBooks Online. A ProAdvisor can help you to get full use out of QuickBooks even while accessing the software from home, a coffee house, or an airport.

#10 Ongoing Support & Expert Training to Ensure Smooth Processes

QuickBooks continues to innovate to exceed customer expectations just as you do. Intuit has developed different versions of QuickBooks that are designed to support specific industries and sectors such as retail, nonprofit, and manufacturing. A ProAdvisor can get your staff trained to use those industry-specific QuickBooks features with minimal downtime.

#11 QuickBooks ProAdvisor System Updates & Maintenance

Intuit updates its QuickBooks software regularly to improve the application’s function and fix discovered security vulnerabilities. When these system updates are released, QuickBooks ProAdvisors are the first to know about them. A ProAdvisor can make sure that your system is maintained and has the latest updates. As a result, your data is shielded from hackers while you get an improved product.

#12 Free QuickBooks ProAdvisor Consultation & No Obligation

While Intuit does its best to cover every use case scenario for its QuickBooks products, companies have unique needs that must be addressed if they are to thrive in the long term. To get a customized look at this effective accounting software, contact AMC of Pittsburgh for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Heather Nicklow

Heather Nicklow

Owner & Senior Accountant

Heather (Onorato) Nicklow established Accounting & Management Company as a woman-owned business in 2011. She earned a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration from Thomas College. As an Authorized QuickBooks Partner & Certified ProAdvisor, Heather is proficient in desktop & online, platforms and leads our client advisory team.