Manage Business Cash Flow Is Essential For Survival

Manage Business Cash Flow

Manage Business Cash Flow is essential for growing your business. Tracking the inflow and outflow of your business revenue is the best way to identify wasteful spending. Cash flow is fundamental for everyday tasks, charges, buying supplies, and paying workers, and taking care of expenses.  

For your business to be as healthy and prosperous as possible, you need to watch your cash flow to make better-informed business decisions. Most small businesses struggle and ultimately fail because of poor cash flow.

Accounting & Management Company can help your business manage cash flow to get your business out of the red and into the black. We manage cash flow and provide financial services to a growing list of Pittsburgh clients from Mt. Lebanon, Washington, to Cranberry and Greensburg PA.

What is cash management & why does it matter?

In the business world, you’ve heard the expression “cash flow” tossed around. It’s one of the most well-known benchmarks for understanding the condition of your organization and assessing where you can improve to capitalize on business opportunities. 

According to BusinessWire, the main reason why small businesses fail is a result of poor accounting and bookkeeping administration, inadequate cash flow, and weak business planning.

Regardless of whether you’re a for-profit entrepreneur or an originator of a large nonprofit organization, controlling your income is a basic exercise. To begin, you must learn the basics of managing your business cash flow, understand how income impacts your activities, and why it’s a significant check of your organization’s funds.

How to manage business cash flow & why it's important

All small businesses strive to maintain a positive income flow. If you do know how to manage money your business can flip upside down. Negative income means you will not be able to cover your bills, get financing, buy supplies, or afford to get help for additional projects. Fortunately, Accounting & Management Company can help manage your business cash flow, reduce and eliminate credit card debt, and avoid bankruptcy.

Good Cash Flow Increases Opportunity

Steady business income gives you the financial freedom to invest in business development, such as hiring new employees, adding services and products, expanding your footprint, and growing your business. Accounting & Management Company has the knowledge and resources to help your small business balance its income and plan for the future. Learn about our owner, Heather Nicklow, and how your business can benefit from our experience and expertise.

Manage Business Money Flow

It’s time to cut your small business losses. When your payables are higher than receivables, it’s time to take a deep look inside your business books.

Cutting back unnecessary spending, comparing receivables and payables, and monitoring the money as it travels throughout the business to find areas of financial waste is a good starting point.

Accounting & Management Company can produce accurate accounting reports so you can review your income daily, weekly, monthly and make financial decisions before your business is cash starved.

How Does Income Help a Business?

Cash Benefit

One of the most substantial benefits of monitoring cash on hand is that you get an opportunity to decide to reinvest profits or save the cash for bonuses.

Without the value of cash in your business account, small companies turn to credit cards to float expenses. A high credit balance and a business line of credit that is maxed out will make your organization less alluring to likely financial backers, banks, and investors.

Business Growth

Successful organizations keep a tight grip on business cash flow. If the numbers don’t add up your business will have a hard time purchase project supplies, additional equipment, or pursue new business opportunities. A positive cash flow isn’t just necessary, it’s mandatory to be successful.

Spending your money wisely and maintaining a high credit score makes your business more interesting to local Pittsburgh banks and national financial lenders, which gives you access to low-interest financing for business development. 

Organization Confidence

Cash in the bank will have a huge impact on your organization’s confidence. A well-managed business cash flow is decidedly a major advantage. Proprietors are less distracted without cash flow issues and can focus on day to operations and plan for the future. Employees may also feel more confident and take pride in where they work. When your employees are happy it will increase production.

Everyday Cash Flow Snags That Small Business Should Sidestep

Regardless of whether you can cover your bills, negative income can seriously harm your business. Poor cash flow will interfere with supplies, vendor relations, finances, and the ability to keep employees.

No money is bad for business. Negative cash flow is the biggest reason that entrepreneurs struggle to survive. If you own a small business anywhere near Pittsburgh and want to succeed, contact Accounting & Management Company to help you manage business cash flow.

Manage Business Cash Flow To Get More working capital

Your business needs positive working cash flow to pay your obligation. Here are the main pitfalls that contribute to a failing business. Accounting & Management Company can help your business avoid getting in over your head.

Underestimating Setup Expenses

If you’re simply thinking about starting a business, looking to expand, or just want a better handle on your finances, it is a good idea to make a practical spending plan (with space for overage). Set spending limits and stick to them to avoid revenue issues.

Expecting Profit Too Quickly

When you get your business going, you most likely will expect that accounts and customers will be lining up ready to buy from you. However, that’s not a reality for most businesses. Running a small business takes a ton of work, dedication, access to financial support, and a trustworthy business advisor.

Overlooking High Overhead Costs

Manage business cash flow is not going to happen overnight if your expenses are out of control. Your private venture can easily fall prey to revenue obstacles. Operating a small business on a shoestring budget can hamper productivity and have a drawn-out effect on profit margins.

How to fix & prevent income problems

If you realize you have an income bottleneck, it might be an ideal time to make changes. Cash issues will not simply clear up on their alone.

Here are top professional tips from Accounting & Management Company to assist you with handling income issues.

Manage Business Cash Flow With A Cash Control Budget

Make an income plan to track and gauge your financials. Pay close attention to how much cash is flowing through your business. Compare your financial data over different time frames to get a better understanding of how your income fluctuates. By evaluating cash flow snapshots you can identify income deficiency periods and make better projections about what lies ahead. This is a great way to manage business cash movement. 

Manage Business Cash Flow & Make It Easier To Get Paid

Tracking delinquent accounts and slow-pay clients are detrimental to your business and need to be rectified. If it’s not easy for customers to pay your invoices, it’s might be an ideal opportunity to find a better way to get cash into your account faster. Accounting & Management Company is an Authorized QuickBooks Partner and certified ProAdvisor and can help you optimize invoicing, reoccurring billing, and simplify collections so you can get compensated faster. 

Manage Business Cash Flow Because Overhead kills profitability

Take a good look at your overhead and operational cost. List all of your business expenses and payouts. The price of running a business can explode if you are not laser-focused on your finances. Investigate how to cut costs and eliminate unnecessary expenses and find other ways to help your business be more profitable.

How to Manage Business Cash Flow?

10 Tips To Manage Business Cash Flow 

  1. Analyze your business cash flow
    Accounting & Management Company can create customized financial reports so you can see how cash is traveling through your business.

  2. Stay on top of your books
    Miss appropriating expenditure is a common bookkeeping mistake that will produce negative results on your business finances. Accounting & Management Company can clean up and balance your books with accurate transaction recording and appropriate cataloging.

  3. Generate income statements
    Accounting & Management Company has a proven process to analyze where your money is coming from and where it is going.

  4. Optimize your business cash flow
    Running short on cash is a sure way to fail in business. Accounting & Management Company offers a time-tested solution to track and manage your business cash.

  5. Figure out whether you need to expand income
    Here’s your “get out of debt-free” card. Yes, that’s wishful thinking but running a business is not a game. AMC can build a plan to help your business dig out of debt and away from relying on a business line of credit or credit cards to keep your business afloat.

  6. Cut unnecessary spending 
    Overspending will stress business capital and limit your growth opportunities. AMC can refine your spending habits and put you back on the right track.

  7. Speed up your accounts receivable
    Here’s the bottom line, Accounting & Management Company has high-tech solutions to get your invoices paid faster. The quicker you get cash in your pocket, the more income flexibility you’ll have.

  8. Stay Ahead of demand
    Small businesses just like yours are opening every day around the Burgh’. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, take on more projects, and grow your business you must manage your business and cash flow.

  9. Be flexible & Pivot Ready
    Does your business have cash on hand and able to react to changing market conditions? Accounting & Management Company can analyze, design, and install a robust accounting system, train your employees, so you can put your business in a powerful cash flow position.

  10. Partner with the best 
    Outsourcing is much cheaper than you think. Let go of the overhead and headaches. Partner with Accounting & Management Company to handle your cash flow, clean up your books, and get your company headed down the right road.

Cash flow conclusion

Partner with Accounting Management Company to keep your business out of troubling situations. After all, it’s your money, so spend it wisely.

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Heather Nicklow

Heather Nicklow

Owner & Senior Accountant

Heather (Onorato) Nicklow established Accounting & Management Company as a woman-owned business in 2011. She earned a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration from Thomas College. As an Authorized QuickBooks Partner & Certified ProAdvisor, Heather is proficient in desktop & online, platforms and leads our client advisory team.